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2008/9 (The) EU budget review

Iain Begg
EU-Consent EU-Budget Working Paper No. 3
March 2007

A version of this paper has been published as chapter 3 of a volume on "Setting EU priorities" edited by Peter Ludlow on behalf of the European Strategy Forum.

The purpose of this paper is to explore how the budget could be reformed and ask what the areas for discussion ought to be.
The first section looks at the background, stressing the path dependency that has led to the budget being what it is today. The second section looks at the revenue side of the budget, and the third at the expenditure side. The fourth section focuses on the politics of change, considers how a reform might take place and puts forward an initial shopping list of desirable reforms that might emerge from the 2008/9 review. Concluding comments complete the paper.

  1. Introduction
  2. History and background
  3. Funding the EUs spending
  4. Expenditure priorities
  5. The politics of change
  6. A shopping list
  7. Concluding comments

Download /library/papers/EU-Budget_wp3.pdf