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Europeans are from Athens: European Strategic Culture and the deepening of ESDP in an Enlarged EU
D 161: Paper based on discussions held at the Lisbon conference on New Perspectives for European Security, by Team 24
By Bruno Cardoso Reis, IEEI, Lisbon
May 2009

This paper looks at the question of whether there is a distinct and institutionalised European strategic culture, particularly in view of the 2008 European Security Strategy review [2008 ESS review] of the 2003 European Security Strategy [2003 ESS].

The core arguments of this paper are: 1. there is a distinct European strategic culture that finds a paradigmatic discursive expression in these core ESDP doctrinal documents; 2. widening the EU to 27 has not significantly affected deepening of ESDP. Contrary to many expectations the latter has progressed, at least more than the sceptics predicated at the point of departure of ESDP in 1999, even if less than its apologists might have wished for.

  1. What makes European security?
  2. Towards a European Doctrine of Crisis Management
  3. The future of European security doctrine
  4. Conclusion : A Bridging Exercise


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