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‘José Manuel Barroso = Political Scientist’ Events
31/07/2007 12:34:58

Awareness of EU-Consent’s activities now extends to the highest political levels in Europe.
The point is evidenced by this project, which culminated in a conversation between the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, and Professor John Peterson of the University of Edinburgh, leader of the research team on ‘The Commission and the European Civil Service’ within the EU-Consent thematic group IV: ‘Institutions’.
The project was designed to reconnect President Barroso to his earlier work as a Political Scientist, which featured institutional affiliations to the University of Geneva, Georgetown University, and several universities in his native Portugal (see European Commission President profile).

“Deepening: Constitutional and Institutional Change in the EU": a workshop Events
30/01/2008 16:01:53
Members of EU-CONSENT’s Cross-Cutting Working Group “Deepening: Constitutional and Institutional Change” convened at the Fondation Universitaire in Brussels on the 17th January 2008 for a workshop in preparation of a joint publication on the Treaty of Lisbon, edited by Edward Best, Brigid Laffan and Wolfgang Wessels.
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CFSP Forum #1/2010 (January) is available online Publications
05/02/2010 19:51:34
In this issue:
EU military conflict operations
Swedish Presidency
Research note: EULEX Kosovo
CONSENT for Europe #7 is available online Publications
27/07/2009 18:59:12
EU-27 Watch, n.8 (March 2009) Publications
02/04/2009 10:55:42
Headlines for each country chapter and improved layout! ››More
EU-Budget Working Paper #7 Publications
04/08/2008 17:27:39
EU-CONSENT EU-budget Working Paper No. 8 Publications
03/11/2008 18:18:55
EU-CONSENT EU-budget Working Paper No. 9 Publications
05/05/2009 18:11:47
Consent for Europe: call for papers Calls
18/03/2008 11:11:42
PhD Award: call for papers Calls
22/02/2008 11:19:49
An award is given for the three best papers written by PhD students that have been prepared within the framework of EU-CONSENT since June 1st, 2007. Only EU-CONSENT members are eligible to take part in the competition. ››More
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