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Accession to the European Union between the political and legal processes Theories & approaches
18/07/2007 17:01:03
Author/s Michael Roetting 
Analysis and Assessment from a Discovery Tour of the European Union Theories & approaches
25/10/2010 20:20:05
Author/s Wolfgang Wessels 
Background paper Theories & approaches
06/02/2006 16:38:36
Author/s Wolfgang Wessels, Anne Faber 
Beyond initial scenarios: Developing guiding assumptions and theses on EU deepening and widening Theories & approaches
09/07/2008 19:12:10
Author/s Gaby Umbach and Christina Zuber 
Bumpy road ahead in East Central Europe: Post-accession crisis and social challenge in ECE Theories & approaches
07/06/2007 08:54:41
Author/s Attila Ágh 
Completing EU membership in Central Europe: Lisbon Strategy and the qualitative catching-up process Theories & approaches
03/08/2006 19:44:43
Author/s Attila Ágh 
Completing membership and post-accession crisis in the new member states Theories & approaches
07/06/2007 08:50:00
Author/s Attila Ágh 
Consolidation (The) of Democracy vs. the Price of Olive Oil Theories & approaches
05/05/2006 17:23:00
Author/s Lorena Ruano 
Cycles and periods in the development of the EU-System Theories & approaches
24/03/2009 13:24:11
Author/s Wilfried Loth 
Dealing With an Expanding European Community: Australia's Attitude Towards the EC’S 1st Enlargement Theories & approaches
05/05/2006 17:20:14
Author/s Andrea Benvenuti 
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