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European (The) Commission as Time-Setter in EU Eastern Enlargement Policy Theories & approaches
24/03/2009 13:01:12
Author/s Katja Lass-Lennecke / Annika Werner 
European Banking System Integration: Mitigating the structural differences via regulation? Theories & approaches
10/07/2008 19:06:42
Author/s Christos Triantopoulos 
European Council (The ) in Theoretical Perspectives: The Principals on a Fusion Path Theories & approaches
07/06/2007 09:24:27
Author/s Wolfgang Wessels / Verena Schäfer 
European Future for the Western Balkans: Stabilization and Association Process and the Future Role o Theories & approaches
24/04/2008 19:38:56
Author/s Maja Smrkolj 
European Identity and the Legitimacy of the EU Democratic life
07/11/2006 12:35:12
Author/s Dieter Fuchs, Andrea Schlenker 
European integration: a meeting ground for history and political science? A historian responds to An Theories & approaches
24/03/2009 13:12:18
Author/s Melissa Pine 
European Migration Network (The) and the Symbolic Functions of Expert Knowledge Institutions & political actors
06/11/2006 16:57:49
Author/s Christina Boswell 
European Parliament (The) after enlargement: any different? Institutions & political actors
20/09/2006 12:28:37
Author/s Melchior Szczepanik 
European Parliament (The) after Lisbon: Policy-making and Control Institutions & political actors
31/12/2008 12:34:26
Author/s Maurer, Andreas 
European Parliament (The) in Treaty Reform Institutions & political actors
06/11/2006 18:20:22
Author/s Daniela Kietz, Andreas Maurer 
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