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Assessing EU Actorness Towards its 'Near Abroad' External relations
18/09/2007 14:00:51
EU-CONSENT Occasional Paper no. 1
by Carmen Gebhard
Maastricht/Stockholm, April 2007
Conundrum (The) of Energy Security: Gas in Eastern and Western Europe External relations
27/12/2006 13:53:02
Deepening and Widening and European foreign and security policy External relations
05/10/2009 18:16:11
D 164: Drafting of a paper on deepening and widening of the EU and the European foreign policy
by Gianni Bonvicini and Michele Comelli, Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI)
Democratic Developments in the Turkish Republic External relations
02/09/2008 11:58:25
EU-CONSENT Occasional Paper no.3
by Dr. Deniz Ilgaz Bogazici
University Istanbul, August 2008
Domestic Politics and European Integration in Ukraine External relations
27/12/2006 14:09:49
EU Initiatives for Border Management in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood External relations
27/12/2006 14:06:01
Europeans are from Athens: European Strategic Culture and the deepening of ESDP in an Enlarged EU External relations
14/07/2009 16:38:07
D 161: Paper based on discussions held at the Lisbon conference on New Perspectives for European Security, by Team 24
By Bruno Cardoso Reis, IEEI, Lisbon
May 2009
External Aspects of Internal Security: a Research Agenda External relations
13/06/2006 17:29:11

1. Introduction

2. The ‘internal security regime’ of the EU

3. The external face of internal security
(3.1. EU external governance in internal security matters - 3.1.1. Boundaries of EU order as main instrument for ‘EU external governance’ - 3.2. The importance of Justice and Home Affairs in the EU’s relations with third-countries. 3.2.1. Countries queuing for membership - 3.2.2. The ‘European Neighbourhood Policy’ (ENP) - 3.2.3. Development co-operation: The EU-ACP relations - 3.2.4. The transatlantic relations with the US - 3.2.5. The mainstreaming of Justice and Home Affairs in the EU’s external relations)

4. The challenges ahead
(4.1. Challenges concerning the proper balance between internal security concerns and external stabilisation needs - 4.2. Challenges deriving from the Eastern Enlargement - 4.3. Challenges stemming from the cross pillarisation and the need for more coherence and concerted action)

5. Conclusion

6. References

From Boundary to Borderland: Transforming the Meaning of Borders in Europe through the ENP External relations
02/08/2006 19:31:31
  • Introduction
  • The concept of borders and European integration
  • The origins and evolution of the ENP
  • Borders and the objectives of the ENP
  • Five scenarios of the evolution of the EU and implications for the ENP and the EU's borders
  • References
Is there a European Security Culture in the Enlarged European Union External relations
13/06/2006 17:48:33
  1. Concept of strategic and/or security culture
  2. A Security Strategy?
  3. The institutionalisation of the discourse
  4. Brakes and constraints
  5. The Security Culture and the new Member States
  6. Conclusions
  7. Bibliography
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