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External Aspects of Internal Security: a Research Agenda

1. Introduction

2. The ‘internal security regime’ of the EU

3. The external face of internal security
(3.1. EU external governance in internal security matters - 3.1.1. Boundaries of EU order as main instrument for ‘EU external governance’ - 3.2. The importance of Justice and Home Affairs in the EU’s relations with third-countries. 3.2.1. Countries queuing for membership - 3.2.2. The ‘European Neighbourhood Policy’ (ENP) - 3.2.3. Development co-operation: The EU-ACP relations - 3.2.4. The transatlantic relations with the US - 3.2.5. The mainstreaming of Justice and Home Affairs in the EU’s external relations)

4. The challenges ahead
(4.1. Challenges concerning the proper balance between internal security concerns and external stabilisation needs - 4.2. Challenges deriving from the Eastern Enlargement - 4.3. Challenges stemming from the cross pillarisation and the need for more coherence and concerted action)

5. Conclusion

6. References

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