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Securing Energy for Europe: Challenges and Policies
D 166: Drafting of a paper on the impact of Energy Security on EU External Action and DefencePolicy, namely in terms of a possible revision of the ESS, by Team 24
By Bruno Cardoso Reis and Gina Soares, IEEI, Lisbon
May 2009

This paper aims to evaluate how the EU is responding to a global context where securing energy resources is one of the major concerns in international economy and politics. Its focus is on the security dimension of energy issues and its linkage with deepening of ESDP and enlargement policies of the EU.

The paper is divided in three sections. The first discusses the current state of affairs in this area. The second analyzes the development of EU policies in this vital area. The third sections looks at how well the latter respond to the former, and how effectively they have been applied, it also formulates some policy recommendations.

  • 1. Europe and Global Energy Changes
  • 2. EU Energy Security Policy
  • 3. Recommendations for EU energy security policies
  • Conclusions
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