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Assessing EU Actorness Towards its 'Near Abroad' External relations
18/09/2007 14:00:51
Author/s Carmen Gebhard 
Conundrum (The) of Energy Security: Gas in Eastern and Western Europe External relations
27/12/2006 13:53:02
Author/s Enno Harks 
Deepening and Widening and European foreign and security policy External relations
05/10/2009 18:16:11
Author/s Gianni Bonvicini and Michele Comelli 
Democratic Developments in the Turkish Republic External relations
02/09/2008 11:58:25
Author/s Deniz Ilgaz Bogazici 
Domestic Politics and European Integration in Ukraine External relations
27/12/2006 14:09:49
Author/s Kataryna Wolczuk 
EU Initiatives for Border Management in the EUs Eastern Neighbourhood External relations
27/12/2006 14:06:01
Author/s Oleksandr Sushko 
Europeans are from Athens: European Strategic Culture and the deepening of ESDP in an Enlarged EU External relations
14/07/2009 16:38:07
Author/s Bruno Cardoso Reis 
External Aspects of Internal Security: a Research Agenda External relations
13/06/2006 17:29:11
Author/s Florian Trauner 
From Boundary to Borderland: Transforming the Meaning of Borders in Europe through the ENP External relations
02/08/2006 19:31:31
Author/s Michele Comelli, Ettore Greco and Nathalie Tocci 
Is there a European Security Culture in the Enlarged European Union External relations
13/06/2006 17:48:33
Author/s Geoffrey Edwards 
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