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The New EU Cohesion Policy: Enlargement, ‘Lisbonisation’ and the Challenge of Diversity

State of the Art paper WP II/III: Theories, Team 3 (D15b)
April 2007
George Andreou

EU cohesion policy has entered a new phase. On the one hand, the accession of a large number of economically lagging member stares has upset the pre-existing financial allocation and has led to the re-definition of objectives and priorities. On the other hand, following the 2005 reform of the Lisbon process, cohesion policy has been accorded an important role in delivering Lisbon-related EU goals - and this has a significant impact on programming and implementation. The aim of this paper is to expose the main elements of this reform and to discuss their conceptual and substantive implications.
  1. Introduction
  2. A review of cohesion policy
  3. The magnitude of disparities after enlargement
  4. Cohesion and Lisbon
  5. The reform of EU cohesion policy
  6. The new cohesion policy – a discussion
  7. References
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