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EU-CONSENT 2005-2009, Four Years of Research on EU Deepening and Widening
Evidence, Explanation and Extrapolation"
by Gaby Umbach (compilation, editing and evaluation).

The present publication takes up these initial objectives and interests, and outlines the main results of EU-CONSENT. To build a bridge to the networkís origins, part II is dedicated to EU-CONSENTís joint research frame and outlines the starting point of analysis Ė the theoretical-conceptual framework and the empirical research focus of four years of research on EU deepening and widening. Part III compiles and evaluates EU-CONSENTís most important empirical findings presented by network members in their replies to a questionnaire containing 13 questions on processes observed, empirical findings, EU deepening and widening (role, patterns, interrelation, explanative benefit, new priorities), the relation of findings to four initial scenarios, key theoretical approaches and theories applied, researchersí own theoretical contributions, and the priorities for research on EU deepening and widening. Over 40 replies from work packages, teams and individual members fed into this exercise. Finally, part IV of the publication draws conclusions from the research results and findings, and relates them back to the four initial EU-CONSENT scenarios on the future development of the EU.


I. EU-CONSENT: Four Years of Research on EU Deepening and Widening

II. EU-CONSENTís Joint Research Frame
II.1 Starting Point of Analysis: Initial Definitions and Concepts
II.2 The Theoretical-Conceptual Background of EU-CONSENTís Research
II.3 Research Focus: Processes Observed, Analysed and Assessed

III. The Most Important Results on EU Deepening and Widening
III.1 A Temporal Dimension and Timeline of EU Deepening and Widening
III.2 EU Deepening and Widening and their Interrelation
III.3 Outlook: Further Development of EU Deepening and Widening

IV. Conclusions: Revisiting EU-CONSENTís Initial Scenarios on the EUís Future

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