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Structured dialogue and new opportunities in the European neighbourhood Institutions & political actors
11/03/2009 18:59:27
Author/s Hristofor Hrisoskulov 
Studying the European Commission Institutions & political actors
05/03/2007 13:37:15
Author/s Patrycja Szarek and John Peterson 
Template for synchronized contribution to establishing a core curriculum and teaching units EDEIOS
06/02/2006 17:33:38
Territory, Temporality and clustered Europeanization Theories & approaches
04/05/2006 20:33:29
Author/s Klaus Goetz 
The New EU Cohesion Policy: Enlargement, ‘Lisbonisation’ and the Challenge of Diversity Theories & approaches
04/06/2007 09:39:43
Author/s George Andreou 
Theoretical Approaches to EU Deepening and Widening Theories & approaches
02/11/2006 18:57:56
Author/s Anne Faber 
Theories: Identity Concepts and Polity Blueprints: The perspective of EU constitutionalization Theories & approaches
04/06/2007 09:47:55
Author/s Petra Lea Láncos 
Three readings of the CT ratification failure and a critique from a system Theories & approaches
03/08/2006 19:12:55
Author/s Brigid Laffan, Imogen Sudbery 
Transformation (The ) of Poland’s security and defence policies after the cold war External relations
13/07/2007 20:16:18
Author/s Pedro Courela 
Treaty (The) of Prüm: A Replay of Schengen? External relations
01/06/2007 18:42:05
Author/s Paul Luif 
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