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Four scenarios about the EU27 future Theories & approaches
19/02/2008 17:53:32
Author/s Attila Agh 
From Boundary to Borderland: Transforming the Meaning of Borders in Europe through the ENP External relations
02/08/2006 19:31:31
Author/s Michele Comelli, Ettore Greco and Nathalie Tocci 
Future (The) of cohesion policy Economic & social policies
26/04/2009 15:10:57
Author/s Iain Begg 
Future (The) oriented definition of the EU: the relationship between old and new member states Theories & approaches
24/03/2009 12:40:26
Author/s Attila Ágh 
Hesitant (The) European History of Denmark’s Accession to the European Communities 1970-73 Theories & approaches
05/05/2006 17:17:59
Author/s Morten Rasmussen 
How to spend it: Replacing the Globalisation Adjustment Fund with a Labour Market Modernisation Fund Theories & approaches
30/01/2008 15:19:22
Author/s Nikos Koutsiaras 
Impact (The) of Enlargement on Comitology Committees: A New Role for the Commission? Institutions & political actors
27/11/2007 20:18:19
Author/s Sonia Piedrafita Tremosa 
Integrating the macro-economic dimension into the EU budget Economic & social policies
30/08/2007 11:47:34
Author/s Sebastian Dullien and Daniela Schwarzer 
Introduction (An) to the Economic Constitution(s) in Europe Theories & approaches
07/06/2007 08:40:12
Author/s Tímea Drinóczi 
Is an Effective ‘Social Europe’ Possible? Institutions & political actors
06/03/2009 18:33:09
Author/s Nick Parsons 
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