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President (The) of the Czech Republic and European Integration Institutions & political actors
29/08/2007 19:05:11
Author/s Ivo Šlosarcík 
Promoting Democracy in the Eastern Neighbourhood: The Limits and Potential of the ENP External relations
22/12/2006 16:55:05
Author/s Kristi Raik 
Reflections on time perspectives in analysing the transformation of the European political system Theories & approaches
10/07/2008 12:38:43
Author/s Andreas Hofmann 
Reform (The) of European governance by the team presidencies Theories & approaches
24/01/2008 10:37:47
Author/s Attila Agh 
Reforming the European Financial Framework Economic & social policies
20/12/2007 14:00:35
Author/s Peter Becker 
Relations between old and new member states in the context of widening and deepening EU Democratic life
07/11/2006 13:01:07
Revisited background paper Theories & approaches
28/04/2006 17:41:34
Author/s Anne Faber, Wolfgang Wessels 
Role of EU Regions in the Context of Lisbon Treaty: Case study – Czech Republic Theories & approaches
10/07/2008 19:14:19
Author/s Zuzana Kasáková 
Securing Energy for Europe: Challenges and Policies External relations
14/07/2009 16:44:52
Author/s Bruno Cardoso Reis and Gina Soares 
Social and cohesion policy in an enlarged EU: Empirical findings and scenarios for the future Theories & approaches
24/03/2009 12:45:54
Author/s George Andreou 
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