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Europeanisation of the Czech Civil Service
Annual Working Paper on the economic and legal dimension of EU integration: Team 4 (D 10a)
Framework of the Institutional Structures for EU Affairs in the Czech Republic
  • Europeanisation of the civil service in the Czech Republic
  • Institutional implications of the EU decision-making cycle
  • Formal and informal norms and channels of influence
    • European regulatory framework
    • Czech regulatory framework
  • The Periods of Czech institutional development
  • Vertical and horizontal cleavages in the management of the EU affairs
    • Vertical Cleavage
    • Horizontal line/cleavage
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Office of the Prime Minister
    • Other institutions
  • Conclusions: Autonomy and the European models for the reform
  • References
Download /library/deliverables/D10a_Slosarcik.pdf