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Notions of Deepening and Widening in the Common Agricultural Policy
Policy Paper by Young Researchers WP II / III Theories: Team 4 (D141)
by Tereza Svačinová
February 2009

Within the scope of this paper the author is concerned with the CAP under the budgetary heading n°2 and its relation to the notions of EU “deepening” and “widening”. What is the role of this policy in the process/as far as deepening and widening of the EU is concerned? What impact does the above mentioned policy have on these two phenomena? How was this policy influenced by each enlargements of the EU? Does this policy have a positive effect on the “deepening” of the EU? Does the CAP manage to deepen co-operation and improve communication between old and new member states? What are the recommendations for this policy into the future? Let’s focus on the CAP and try to find an answer to these asked questions.


1. Introduction

2. The beginnings of the CAP and of the “deepening” process in this field

3. Successful and unsuccessful forms and examples of “deepening” of the EU in this policy

4. Successive “widening” processes of the EU and the negotiations about CAP during each of them

  1. Negotiations among the founding members of the European Economic Community
  2. CAP and further “widening” of the EU
  3. “Widening” of the EU after 2000 and its influence on the CAP

5. Recommendations for further “deepening” and “widening” of the CAP of the EU

6. Conclusion

Literature used in this paper

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