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Dealing With an Expanding European Community: Australia's Attitude Towards the ECíS 1st Enlargement Theories & approaches
05/05/2006 17:20:14
Author/s Andrea Benvenuti 
Deepening and Widening and European foreign and security policy External relations
05/10/2009 18:16:11
Author/s Gianni Bonvicini and Michele Comelli 
Deepening and Widening: the First Experience Theories & approaches
04/06/2007 09:30:15
Author/s Jan van der Harst, Wilfried Loth 
Democratic Developments in the Turkish Republic External relations
02/09/2008 11:58:25
Author/s Deniz Ilgaz Bogazici 
Differentiated Integration: a Likely and Acceptable Mechanism to Reconcile Widening and Deepening? Theories & approaches
24/04/2008 19:31:12
Author/s Imogen Sudbery 
Disciplinary Perspectives on Change and Adaptation in the Enlarging EU Theories & approaches
20/12/2007 13:46:04
Author/s Anne Faber 
Dissemination Strategy Dissemination
06/02/2006 17:24:27
Author/s Gunilla Herolf 
Domestic Politics and European Integration in Ukraine External relations
27/12/2006 14:09:49
Author/s Kataryna Wolczuk 
Economic governance and political choices in the enlarged EU: an overview Theories & approaches
04/05/2006 20:20:18
Author/s Nikos Koutsiaras 
Enlargement (The) of the Committee of the Regions Institutions & political actors
22/05/2007 19:36:30
Author/s Marco Brunazzo, Ekaterina Domorenok 
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