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Revisited background paper


1. Introduction: “Widening” and “Deepening” and their interrelation
2. Theories and approaches on EU deepening and widening: A multi-disciplinary perspective on the “acquis académique”
3. Towards a multi-dimensional model of EU deepening and widening
4. On the relevance of discussing strategies
5. Strategies: an overview
5.1 Methodological remarks: The vertical axis: increasing or reducing the EU system
5.2 The menu: Strategies: an overview
Strategies related to the Constitutional Treaty (TCE)
Strategies for working with the status quo version of the TEU (Nice version)
Reducing or dissolving the acquis: from the end of the EE construction to the turn of the (d-)evolution
6. Conclusions – the Union: re-invented or transformed
7. Literature
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