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Is Flexicurity Exportable? The Case of Denmark and Italy
By Ilaria Maselli
Paper prepared for the EU-Consent Workshop ‘Towards Increased Policy Effectiveness’, Brussels, 1st and 2nd October 2008
organized by team 9
(Deliverable No.19)

European countries are all facing today the same question: how to modernise their labour markets? For many reasons, of which the success of the Danish System is the most important, the European Commission, academics and policy makers have started considering flexicurity a model for other countries. However, economic and institutional differences among countries and welfare regimes make policy transfer and policy learning a big challenge.


1. The Danish flexicurity model

1.1 Flexibility.

1.2 …and security.

1.2.1 Income security.

1.2.2 Employment security.

1.3 A general atmosphere of confidence.

2. Where is Italy standing?.

2.1 Flexibility.

2.2 …and Security.

2.2.1 Income security.

2.2.2 Employment security.

3. Is flexicurity exportable?.

3.1 The Communication on flexicurity.

3.2 Glass half full 20 3.3 Glass half empty.

3.3.1 Sound public finances.

3.3.2 Industrial relations.

3.3.3 Quality and quantity of education.

3.3.4 Efficiency of the public administration.



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