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Beyond initial scenarios: Developing guiding assumptions and theses on EU deepening and widening
The mission of EU-CONSENT’s Task Force Research Frame
by Gaby Umbach and Christina Zuber (Team 1)
Deliverable No. D 106

1. Introduction

  • Where do we stand?
  • How do we proceed now?
  • Aim of the paper – Outlining the mission of Task Force Research Frame

2. EU-CONSENT work package results – Starting point for the development of common guiding assumptions and theses

  • WP II/III: ‘Theories’ - Normative and Analytical Approaches and Sets of Expectations
  • WP IV: Institutions and Political Actors: New Forms of Governance?
  • WP V: Democracy, Legitimacy and Identities: Citizens on the Construction of Europe
  • WP VI: Economic and Social Policies for an Expanding Europe
  • WP VII: Political and Security Aspects of the EU’s External Relations

3. Further development and classification of guiding assumptions and theses – Task Force Research Frame’s work sheet

4. Literature

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