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European Parliament (The) in Treaty Reform
Predefining IGCs through Interinstitutional Agreements with the Commission and Council
1. Treaty reform and institutional change in the EU
2. IIAs in treaty reform: pre-defining future treaty amendments
3. Formal Powers as bargaining potential
3.1. The EPís budgetary rights
3.2. Creating Accountability: Ousting and Appointing the Commission
3.3. Delaying and rejecting legislation: introduction and re-interpretation of codecision
4. The EPís role in comitology
4.1 From Rome to Maastricht: the limited influence of the EP
4.2 From Maastricht to Amsterdam Ė the period of interinstitutional clashes
4.2.1. The link: Institutional containment through co-legislation and co-delegation
4.2.2. The breakthrough: the Modus Vivendi
4.3. The Amsterdam IGC: postponing comitology
4.4. The 1999 Comitology decision
4.4.1. The EPís demands
4.4.2 The Commissionís proposal53 and the EPís reaction
4.4.3. The Councilís Decision
4.5. The Constitutional Treaty: Culmination of the EPís pursuit of scrutiny rights in comitology
5. The EP in legislative planning
6. Politics of Accountability: Framework Agreements
7. Conclusions - IIAs as path-makers for institutional change
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