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Analysis and Assessment from a Discovery Tour of the European Union
Wider Europe Deeper Integration? Lessons Learned from the EU-CONSENT Network
by Wolfgang Wessels

1. Introducing the EU-CONSENT Network

2. The Zeitgeist revisited: Controversial expectations as points of departure
2.1. Basic motivation: To observe a polity in a history making period
2.2. A mixed bag of expectations: A set of scenarios

3. Challenges for the research: Pluralistic discovery tour on the search for a common framework
3.1. Uniting in diversity
3.2. Finding and exploiting lessons of the Past: Theoretical offers

4. Points of arrival and conclusions for further work
4.1. Some fundamental findings
4.2. The end of the European construction process?
4.3. On the academic agenda for ‘EU-CONSENT Plus’: three perspectives

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