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How to spend it: Replacing the Globalisation Adjustment Fund with a Labour Market Modernisation Fund

Annual working paper on the economic dimension of EU integration
WP II / III Theories: Team 3 (D10b)
January 2008

Nikos Koutsiaras

In this paper it is argued that the economics of the Globalisation Adjustment Fund are weak and its politics questionable, hence making its relevance doubtful and poorly providing for meaningful adaptation. A case is subsequently made for the establishment of a better financed Labour Market Modernisation Fund aiming at stimulating national labour market reforms, via rewarding effective policy effort and alleviating political economic constraints.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why the Globalisation Adjustment Fund is not a very good idea
  3. Why we need a Labour Market Modernisation Fund and how it would work
  4. A concluding remark
  5. References
Download /library/deliverables/D10b_Team3.pdf