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Future (The) of cohesion policy
Paper based on the ‘brainstorming’ workshop:
‘The future of cohesion policy’, Brussels, 12/02/2009
organised by Iain Begg, LSE

This briefing note draws extensively on the contributions to a recent ‘brainstorming’ workshop held on the 12th of February 2009, in Brussels, that brought together researchers involved in the DIME and EU-CONSENT networks of excellence, and practitioners from DG Regio of the European Commission and other Directorates-General. The first section reviews how some of the processes behind innovation impinge on regional prospects, highlighting certain dilemmas that arise for policy-makers. The second section discusses policy issues, while a third distils some lessons for the future of cohesion policy.


I Innovation as a driver of regional development

  • Excellence as the guiding principle for innovation investment
  • Social embedding of innovation – systems of innovation

II Policy issues

  • Governance of cohesion policy
  • Space-based or space-blind policies

III Lessons for the future of cohesion

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