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European Future for the Western Balkans: Stabilization and Association Process and the Future Role o
State of the Art paper WP II / III Theories: Team 4 (D15c)
February 2008
Maja Smrkolj, LL.M.

I. Introduction

II. Stabilization and Association Process (SAP)

  1. From “Regional Approach” to SAP
  2. SAP and the Accession Perspective
    1. 2.1. Trade preferences
    2. 2.2. Financial Assistance
    3. 2.3. Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA)
  3. Monitoring the SAP Results and the Reaffirmation of Membership Prospects
    1. European Partnership
    2. Capacity to integrate

III. EU Role in the Future of Kosovo

  1. Current role of the EU in Kosovo
  2. The EU in (independent) Kosovo

IV. A European Future for the Western Balkans?

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