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Enlargement (The) of the European Community in historical perspective first results Theories & approaches
04/05/2006 20:12:42
Author/s Fernando Guirao, Wilfried Loth 
Establishing a Core Curriculum on EU deepening and widening for EU-CONSENT EDEIOS
03/08/2006 19:52:49
Author/s University of Cologne 
EU (The) tax revisited: Should there be one? And will there be one? Economic & social policies
31/01/2008 18:36:16
Author/s Steffen Osterloh, Friedrich Heinemann and Philipp Mohl 
EU (The) Timescape: Power Ad Tempus Theories & approaches
04/06/2007 09:53:07
Author/s Klaus Goetz 
EU expenditure to support transitions to a low carbon economy Economic & social policies
05/05/2009 17:39:23
Author/s Iain Begg 
EU Initiatives for Border Management in the EUs Eastern Neighbourhood External relations
27/12/2006 14:06:01
Author/s Oleksandr Sushko 
EU-27 revisited Theories & approaches
30/06/2009 13:37:24
Author/s Institut fuer Europaeische Politik  
EU-CONSENT 2005-2009, Four Years of Research on EU Deepening and Widening Theories & approaches
25/10/2010 20:10:02
Author/s Gaby Umbach 
Europe (A) of the Member States or of the Citizens? Democratic life
07/11/2006 11:30:02
Author/s Ola Zetterquist, Milan Brglez 
European (A) Political System in the Making 1958-70: The Relevance of Emerging Committee Structures Theories & approaches
10/07/2008 19:17:01
Author/s Ann-Christina L. Knudsen and Morten Rasm 
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