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EU-CONSENT Occasional Paper Series13/07/2007 19:01:42

In addition to the papers published by each of the EU-CONSENT work-packages, EU-CONSENT publishes high-quality papers in its series of occasional papers.

The Chair of the EU-CONSENT Editorial Board, Dr Karen E Smith, welcomes papers covering one or more of the core themes of the network. Papers should preferably be written in English, but those submitted in other major European languages are acceptable. Papers should be a maximum of 10,000 words in length. All papers will be reviewed anonymously by at least two other members of the Editorial Board, which is composed of all the members of the EU-CONSENT Steering Group. All accepted papers are subject to revision to ensure conformity with the EU-CONSENT editorial style. Please send submissions to Dr Smith. Authors should note that publication in the EU-CONSENT Occasional Paper Series does not preclude publication of the paper at a later date in a journal or edited book.