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Introduction (An) to the Economic Constitution(s) in Europe
Policy Paper by Young Researcher WP II/III Theories: Team 5 (D11b)
March 2007
Tímea Drinóczi

1. Introduction

2. Notions of the term ‘economic constitution’

  1. Development of the concept ‘economic constitution’
  2. The economic constitution in the sense of constitutional law
    1. The notion of economic constitution
    2. Parts of the economic constitution
    3. Objectives of the economic constitution

2.3 Interrelation among economic constitutions

3. Elements of economic constitution

3.1 Decision in favour of a certain economic system

    1. Reference to social market economy
    2. Other kinds of references to the nature of economic system

3.2 Fundamental rights

  1. Right to Property
  2. Freedom of occupation

3.3 Competences of (state) organs in economic and financial matters

    1. Key element: financial constitution at national and supranational level
    2. Key element: the lack of financial constitution in Hungary an other competences
    3. Economic matters at supranational level
    4. Relationship between the supranational and national economic constitutions
      • Principle of co-operation
      • Perspectives for a more coordinated co-operation
      • Giving up the concept of ‘economic political neutral’

4. References

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