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What is EDEIOS?

EDEIOS (the European Deepening and Enlargement Interactive Online School) is EU-CONSENTís interactive online teaching platform. It will consist of the following elements: dissemination of the research results achieved within EU-CONSENTís five thematic work packages, virtual and conventional teaching units provided by partner institutes, selected bibliographies including links and communication tools.


EDEIOS responds to an increasing demand from European citizens and students to get substantial information on crucial developments in EU politics, specific topics concerning EU's deepening and widening, and the research results of the networkís thematic work packages, summarising the current academic acquis. The broader dissemination of research results and teaching efforts is a specific target of EDEIOS.
EDEIOS also strives to arouse interest in and deepen the understanding within the broader public of current issues and debates regarding the EUís deepening and widening process.

Target groups

EDEIOS especially addresses university lecturers, teachers, students, youth organizations, study organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), political parties, trade unions and opinion groups. It is felt that all can multiply and spread knowledge of European integration issues. Moreover, a special dissemination effort will be made to attract groups that are not yet active in such discussions.


virtual teaching units on the European Unionís deepening and widening process
conventional teaching units provided by EU-CONSENTís partner institutions, offering a tool box suitable for seminars, workshops and lectures
an extensive E-library that will serve as an online syllabus, suggesting further reading for extended research on contemporary issues concerning European integration, categorized according to the five thematic EU-CONSENT Work packages

EDEIOS will also benefit from an online forum, AGORA, installed on EU-CONSENTís main website in order to intensify debates, provide knowledge transfer and academic exchange; and from several link lists to research institutions, libraries and research networks making it possible to deepen one's knowledge of European integration.

Structure and core elements of EDEIOS