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E-Library is an extensive bibliography on EU deepening and widening, with more than 400 titles relevant to the project’s thematic focus.

The listing is by default presented in alphabetical order but the user can also sort the items by author or date.
Search can be done in two ways: 1) filling in the field on the right of the word 'Search' and then pressing  '>' (the search will be executed in the 'Title' field only) or 2) clicking on the 'Search' button to obtain an advanced search mask.

Note: E-Library only searches its own database. To search the entire website please use the "Search the site" button in the left side navigation bar.

Wherever possible a link to an online document is provided. Please consider that pdf documents have graphical components and tend to be large in terms of file size. Download may take awhile depending on your bandwidth.

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