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Theories: Identity Concepts and Polity Blueprints: The perspective of EU constitutionalization
State of the Art paper WP II / III Theories: Team 4 (D15b)
April 2007
Petra Lea Láncos

1. Introduction

2. Premises: Functions of identity for polity in general

3. Identity and the European polity

4. Theories

4.1.Communitarism - ‘spill-back’ to intergovernmetalism 4.2.Pluralism - the road to federalism 4.3.Cosmopolitanism - a principled federation of peace

5 Analyses of the identity-politics of the EU

5.1.The motto and telos of the EU 5.2.The system of competences and institutional structures in the EU 5.3.Union citizenship 5.4.Human rights in the European Union

6. Conclusion

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