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Project mission

The project integrates a broad range of research communities, including individual experts, universities, research institutes and networks involved in research on widening and deepening of the European Union. The open network aims at improving the understanding of key European processes and challenges, but also to create a forum, easily accessible for researchers, students and a broader public on all major dimensions of the EU integration process. Research are being carried out in a multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional and multinational perspective, involving political scientists, historians, sociologists, economists and lawyers.

A particular focus is on the relationship between widening and deepening of the Union and a reflection on the Unionís ultimate capacity to enlarge. To this aim scenarios for the future shape of the EU are being discussed.

Main objectives are to:

  • Identify, compare and analyse national and European strategies on enlargement and EU reforms over the last thirty years (starting with accession of Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark in 1973) as articulated by governmental and non-governmental actors
  • Assess the political, economic, societal and legal impact of successive EU enlargements and pre-accession processes on national and EU policies
  • Disseminate the results of the project in various forms of printed and online publications, internet-homepages of project members. All results and questions to be asked will be integrated into an exclusive new project online domain, broadly popularised among academics, decision makers, etc.