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Maghreb Challenges and EU Measures Taken Towards the Region
by Veronica Martins
Paper presented at the Vienna conference on the external effect of internal security by Team 23
Deliverable no.121

This paper begins by focusing on the perceptions of security challenges in a post-Cold War World. It then takes a closer look at the Maghreb region in order to understand why Islamic terrorism and immigration have started to be seen as new security challenges both for the Maghreb region and the EU. Finally, we will depict the EU’s attempts to answer to security challenges by looking at its regional policy for the Mediterranean and more specifically at the Maghreb region, as well as the way it tries to promote cooperation through Association Agreements and Neighbourhood Action Plans. The evaluation of its relation with the Maghreb countries seems to indicate that the “actorness” of the EU has difficulties to assert itself not only due to internal reasons but also due to difficulties in reaching a common agenda on immigration and terrorism affairs between the EU and the countries of the region. The EU’s measures to face these soft security challenges are characteristic of a “Civilian Power”. Nevertheless, the EU oscillates between “presence” and “actorness” in Maghreb region.

  • I. New security challenges for Europe
    • A) Securitization
    • B) Societal and Political Security
    • C) Externalisation
  • II. The perception of the Maghreb region as a source of security challenges
    • A) Why do they need to migrate?
    • B) Islamic Terrorism in the Euro-Maghreb Space
    • C) Any link between immigrants and terrorism?
  • III. The EU response
    • A) Regional cooperation
    • B) Bilateral cooperation: from Association Agreements to Action Plans
  • IV. Some final considerations
  • Annex 1
  • Annex 2
  • Annex 3 Programmes en cours/clos dans le domaine de la migration financés par l’Union Européenne au Maroc (certains projets à caractère régional inclus d’autres pays de la région)
  • Annex 4 Projects to enhance third countries’ capacities to fight against terrorism
  • Police and law enforcement work
  • Bibliography
  • Primary Sources
  • Interviews


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