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Václav Klaus and the Constitutional Treaty – Czech Euroscepsis or Eurorealism?
Policy Paper by Young Researcher WP II/III Theories: Team 4 (D11b)
May 2007
Vera Rihácková / Christian von Seydlitz

The following text looks at the political statements of Václav Klaus in the framework of the given typology, aiming at determining, analysing and reviewing his main theses and arguments on European integration. Part of the text is devoted to the attitudes of Czechs to European integration, exploring whether the critical approach of Václav Klaus goes in line with the majority public opinion. It shows that within a given typology, Václav Klaus can be either labelled as a Eurosceptic or Euroreject rather than a Eurorealist. The data from the public opinion surveys show that the idea of Euroscepticims of the Czech population needs to be reconsidered.

1. Introduction
2. Argumentation of Václav Klaus and its critique
3. Public Opinion in the Czech Republic
4. Conclusion

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