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Dear EU-CONSENT friends,

Our joint work within EU-CONSENT is over, but the results of this network are still valid and well worth dissemination. Starting last year we have gathered some representative and summarising output of EU-CONSENT to be published on the website, and, in some cases, in printed form.

The online publications are the following:

 "EU-27 revisited: discourses and debates on European integration after the convention and the big band enlargement. Summarising major trends of eight EU-27 Watch issues." Edited by the Institut fuer Europaeische Politik, Berlin.

 "EU-CONSENT 2005-2009, Four Years of Research on EU Deepening and Widening: Evidence, Explanation and Extrapolation", Gaby Umbach (compilation, editing and evaluation).

 "Analysis and Assessment from a Discovery Tour of the European Union. Wider Europe Deeper Integration? Lessons Learned from the EU-CONSENT Network", Wolfgang Wessels and "EU-CONSENT 2005- 2009, Four Years of Research on EU Deepening and Widening: Evidence, Explanation, Extrapolation, Condensed Version", Gaby Umbach (compilation, editing and evaluation).

We hope you appreciate the final products and, not least, use it for your own research and for further dissemination.

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